Found the perfect Christmas gifts while shopping those great boutiques in Paris? No problem!

Found the perfect Christmas gifts while shopping those great boutiques in Paris? No problem!

A journey of a thousand miles…can make sending packages more challenging. 

Whether you have recently moved across the pond or have been an ex-pat for years, you have probably realized that some things are just harder to accomplish when you are thousands of miles from friends and family. 

Do you want to send treasures you have found to various friends in the States?

Are you craving that special treat that can only be found in the US?

If this sounds familiar – rest assured I can help. With 18 years of experience, personalized ex-patriate  services are one of my specialties and no task is too big or too small!  I make sure everything arrives at its destination with a minimum of fuss and effort. 

Found the perfect Christmas gifts while shopping those great boutiques in Paris? No problem! Ship all gifts to me and I can wrap, pack and ship those special items to multiple addresses for you.  



A current Ex pat in Russia just wrote: 

Jennifer just called me here and her actual words were,

"OMG MOM! I just got the care package.

It's awesome. There's so much stuff. I love it!"

Woohoo. Mission accomplished! Thanks Rose!



Want to send a care package to that college student  gearing up for finals? Let me know their likes and dislikes and I will put a goodie box together that will be the envy of the entire dorm. 

Have a craving for that favorite Quaker Oats Cereal, Tazo Tea or Trader Joe’s Cookie that you just can’t shake? Are you in love with a specific brand of shampoo, deodorant, or toothpaste and can’t seem to find a replacement in your current locale?  Drop me a line and let me know what American specialty you need and I will seek it out, purchase it for you and have it at your door as soon as possible.

Did you receive the invitation for Great-Aunt Ida and Great-Uncle Joe’s 50th Wedding Anniversary too late to have your gift or card arrive on time? Let me know what you would like to send and I can purchase the card and gift and have them arrive at the party for you.     

Do holidays, birthdays and special occasions sneak up on you and leave you little time to ship cards and packages from overseas?  Let me help with personalized reminders to you or let me be your personal secretary to make sure no special occasion is forgotten.  With great penmanship and care, all of your correspondence will  arrive on time with all of the love and concern you want to show your loved ones when you’re miles away. 

All packages sent on your behalf are packed with love and that special flair that Amazon or QVC just can’t provide.  Want to make sure that baby gift is wrapped in blue or pink instead of the ubiquitous yellow? Just found out that your favorite student is under the weather and doesn’t have time for a trip to the pharmacy? Heard that your favorite Aunt is recuperating from surgery at home and is bored with her slow recovery? Whether it is an SOS package to your number one student or the latest issues of a choice magazine and bestseller for a recuperating friend, let me be your stateside contact and Gal Friday. 

Although you may be miles away from friends and family, show them that they are never far from your thoughts and are always in your heart.

Whatever you need, just leave it to me.


Consolidation services:

Shop online, ship to me. 

Repack, gift wrap and ship: stateside or overseas.

PayPal Acceptance Mark


Purchases made for you can be done using an initial deposit to Paypal. 

If you choose, and if I will be making purchases for you on an ongoing basis, I suggest contacting your credit card company and adding RPC as a user. Most credit card companies will issue a separate card for your personal assistant tied to your account as they would for any other family member. Whichever method you choose, purchases will be carefully tracked and a log with all receipts will be submitted at work week end, or more frequently if you prefer.