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   After spending time in historical Philadelphia and culturally rich New Orleans, the beautiful countryside of West Chester, PA has become my home for the past 13 years.

   As the devoted wife of a blues- playing, CPA- traveling hubby, nurturing mother of two collegian daughters, best friend of a sweet yellow lab, accomplished entrepreneur, persistent gardener and enthusiastic volunteer, house and schedule management are automatic for me.

   Between my (almost) obsessive penchant for organization, attention to details, eye for design, excellent penmanship, and my intrinsic desire to help others in making their lives easier, becoming a personal assistant was both logical and spontaneous.

   Whether assisting, shepherding, solving, creating, or organizing projects, both large and small, it's been fun and challenging, thrilling and at times moving. I've had the opportunity to work with a myriad of clients at all points in life, many of whom have become treasured friends in the process.

   Since 1995, the variety of tasks that I've tackled range from everyday assignments to unique moments that amaze even me, and I'm grateful for my ability to solve and resolve.

   So start realizing more productive work with details resolved, special projects accomplished, correspondence completed, and travel plans set. Your home will have pristine closet spaces, and pantry perfection. Then experience authentic downtime, quiet afternoons, making memories with the kids, regular date nights, and guaranteed more time and space for you- just leave it to me. 

   Yours, mine and hours…

   Rosemary P. Costello