Rosemary has been a personal assistant since 1995.  This is what her clients are saying:

Rose helped our family through the illness and death of my wife. From moving kids around while she was in treatments to supporting me while making the arrangements for the funeral, Rose was there though it all. My appreciation and thanks cannot reach the level necessary for the depth of her support during that time. 
Anyone would also be blessed by her compassion if she were to be involved. In all tasks, Rose was clear with what was required and executed what I asked and needed. 
Without hesitation, I highly recommend Rosemary. Tom Long

"Rosemary P. Costello’s attention to detail, resourcefulness, creativeness, branding abilities, professionalism and pure genius have proven to be beyond the pale for my business. Her guidance and business acumen ultimately brought my product to shelves in eleven Whole Foods Markets during one year’s time.  Rosemary was instrumental in developing groundwork that took the idea of creating a peanut brittle company down a logical path to reality.

I credit Rosemary in providing much of the creative impetus behind the branding of Hansen and Brittle, as she created the business name and quickly found a team of graphic artists to craft the Hansen and Brittle logo, business cards, and a website. When it came time to package and wrap the brittle she researched other specialty foods, their marketing and packaging, and developed options that were both market savvy and unique that I’m proud to say, set my product apart.

Rosemary has a keen eye for detail in every project that she undertakes. Before the first Trade Fair, she shared her vision of the perfect booth for Hansen and Brittle, then found the resources to make that vision a reality. The Hansen and Brittle booth and product presentation receive constant compliments and are often voted “best in show” for the various fairs I attend.

Rosemary is the artistic director and business consultant for my business. Whether she secures a seamstress to make table covers in a rush, finds a local handyman to make a banner display, researches the best label manufacturer, or identifies some of the best suppliers of restaurant ware for my manufacturing, food storage and packaging, Rosemary is always one step ahead of whatever my business needs. Her ability in providing prompt and thorough solutions to issues that arise are uncanny and have proven beneficial for my company…and my peace of mind.

Thanks to Rosemary, Hansen and Brittle continues to grow and be recognized in the specialty food market. She knows brand strategy and my business has greatly benefited from her creativity and insight pertaining to branding, marketing, and social media. Her passion and energy is boundless and one that you will never regret!" Julie Hansen Hill

"I have known Rosemary Costello since 2005.  She helped me downsize my original home after my husband’s sudden death. It was a traumatic time for me.  Rosemary has such a wealth of knowledge and abilities to find contacts no matter what the situation.  That is just what I needed at that trying time.  She organized the move, packed the house, and sold the furniture that was not needed.  At the same time Rosemary offered me the solace and advice to ease my anxieties.  Since that time I have moved twice with her creative assistance.  Not only did she motivate me but she assisted me in starting a new career in interior decorating.  She advised me on how to set up the business and establish my network with the appropriate people.  In addition she designed my business cards and stationary. Throughout these times, I was impressed with her sensitivity to my needs both physical and emotional.  I highly recommend Rosemary Costello as a person of character and relentless attention to detail," Mary Sue Sparkman.

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we all were with the lovely calligraphy you did for my Nicola and Tom’s wedding invitations. You have an extraordinary talent and refined sense of style, which put the finishing touch on the whole effort. I have heard from numerous friends who were extremely complimentary and I will recommending you in the future. Thank you also for working within our impossibly tight schedule," Veronica Miller.

"Checkers left this earth today. You were awfully kind to her for which I shall always be grateful," M.A. Smerconish.

"The Ocean City house looks wonderful, all your personal touches everywhere I look have made this house a home and we are speechless with the results," Pamela Phelan.

"Rose pulled another 'Rose' for me," Tom Byrnes.

"Experience is short, one anniversary letter, we are very pleased with the result. You worked with dispatch, creatively and all and all put together a really thoughtful and attractive package for some close friends. Although you had very little to work with you made it very special right down to the packaging. Thanks ever so much for your help.  Rest assured we know whom to call when we need a job done nicely," Nancy & Dave Orselet.

"I can always recommend you highly from my personal experience of your organization skills," Peg Eberts, MD.

"Rosemary is terrific to work with. She is an exceptionally good listener. She is a creative problem solver and takes initiative when needed.  She follows through on projected tasks and I never had to worry whether something was going to get done.  I would recommend her without reservation," Peggy Tietz, PHD.

"She has brought us peace of mind and we are very grateful she counts us as a client.  If you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to email me at," Melissa Sturgis & Family.

"Thanks for all your help-emotionally and physically- during the planning for Dad’s funeral service.  This is a wonderful service and certainly in NYC is very much needed," Margaret Diaz-Cruz.

"Most of all, Rosemary has been my personal assistant for the last whole year since the death of my husband. This was a “little known” service for me but I have read many articles about it in the media since.  The articles describe Rosemary.  She is simply incredible.  I hope she is moving into an area where there is a high demand for this service. To me — this is her calling. ,She is analytical, energetic, considerate, and completely compassionate– with zero”hang-ups” of her own.  She is totally emotionally secure and strong woman. She met all my needs physically and emotionally during this time that I needed a personal assistant.  I am not trying to be melodramatic — but Rosemary was very instrumental in surviving my tragedy (death of my husband). I had to stay very busy and productive and challenged — in order not to stay in bed.  She helped me meet my challenges “stress free.” I am way ahead of where most widows normally are one year post death because of Rosemary,” Pam Harrelson.

"I have worked with Rosemary on a number of projects, both in my own home and in the homes of others.  There is no one I could recommend more highly on any number of levels; Rosemary is as practical and resourceful as she is artistic, a rare combination in my experience!  Rosemary’s sense of style and creative eye easily adapt themselves to the ambiance in which she finds herself.  A person of sensitivity to the other, she is adept at reading the taste and style of any environment, while at the same time applying her own innate and, I might add, beautifully unique vision to a situation.  The gifts and cards I have received from Rosemary over the years never fail to delight with their elegant, “artsy” simplicity, their fine taste, their just-right-ness for the circumstance.  When Rosemary comes to the rescue (always bringing that relief of “Ah, Rose is here!”) re home decor, whether in arranging furniture, helping to select paint colors or fabric, hanging pictures, or organizing work spaces–these just to begin a list–the end result carries a polish which makes one feel at the same time utterly transported yet utterly at home.  Equally comfortable with “curb (or back-garden) appeal,” Rosemary lends a landscaping prowess which never fails to provide a smooth flow from interior to exterior and vice-versa.  In short, she has a way of “getting” a space, whether inside or outside, large or small, whole room or small package, handwritten note or engraved invitation, which bespeaks the loveliest of aesthetic sensibilities.  In addition, many are the gatherings, whether large or small, formal or informal, in which I have conferred with Rosemary on theme, planning, menu; all have seemed “my own,” yet ever so enhanced with her skilled input.  Best of all, Rosemary’s very presence brings a sense of all-will-be-well comfort which is easily as important a gift as her many talents.  She is diligent, reliable, untiring in her desire and effort to see a project through, and thoroughly kind.  Fortunate indeed is the person to find Rosemary Costello in his/her employ.  If Rosemary could be cloned, there could never be enough “Rosemarys” to go around," Bonnie Rowan West.